Welcome to FlyPaper
This reference is meant as a guide to the FlyPaper ecosystem. As always, if it's not answered here, we can answer it in our social channels.
As we grow and continue to build, we'll be adding to this guide. It is by no means complete yet.
First off, on behalf of the team, thank you for visiting FlyPaper and the SwapMeet. We're truly glad to have you with us on our journey to make DeFi a safer space for all investors. Our goal is a scam-free Decentralized Finance, one where people are able to take positions in microcap DeFi projects without risk of theft.
Our community consists of veteran cryptocurrency investors, professionals, amateur traders, and those looking to diversify their portfolios with Decentralized Finance. Our core team is one of experienced professionals. We combine our greatest traits with the strengths of our community to create a unique audit process unlike any other in the space.
By capitalizing on the collective knowledge of the community and team through an extensive review and AMA process, we ensure every project that earns Larry's Stamp of Approval has truly earned it.
As we move along in 2022, we plan to begin testing and building out a network we believe can help end large scale DeFi frauds forever.
Putting your hard earned money into microcap DeFi projects shouldn't be the equivalent of roulette. Let's work together to make this space safer for all.
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